Grasp the mind ver. 1.0 Shareware1.58 MB
Screenshot of Grasp the mindTake part in the overall ranking of players, Take the first line of table results.
More InfoFREE Download
Petal Palace (for Windows) ver. 1.2.0 Shareware3.15 MB
Screenshot of Petal Palace (for Windows)This game takes you to an enchanted palace, surrounded by beautiful scenery where flowers grow in great abundance. Pick the flowers by arranging them in lines, to keep the palace from being overgrown. Use any tools you may find to overcome obstacles. If you're good at picking the flowers, you will achieve bonuses and rewards that will help you in your task.
More InfoFREE Download
Collapse-O-Mania ver. 1.0 Freeware1.13 MB
Screenshot of Collapse-O-ManiaCollapse groupings of like-colored cubes - to prevent these cubes from filling the entire game screen you must burn blocks of three or more one-coloured cubes. Each further level demands you to be faster and faster. When cubes fill the entire game screen the game is over. So be attentive, quite accurate and as fast as you can. Larger groupings mean more points and very large groupings earn bonuses to compound your score even further.
More InfoFREE Download
WareSoft Sudoku ver. 1.0 Freeware1.72 MB
Screenshot of WareSoft SudokuChallenge Your Brain with WareSoft Sudoku. See how fast you can solve a puzzle. Each puzzle has 9 3x3 grids to solve. Sudoku does not require any special math skills or calculations. It is a simple and fun game of logic. All that you need is your brains and concentration. To solve Sudoku you must enter numbers 1-9 in each row without repeating any numbers and not repeat any numbers in a 3x3 grid either.
More InfoFREE Download
Sudoku Mini ver. 2.56 Shareware0.44 MB
Screenshot of Sudoku MiniSudoku Mini is a Pocket PC version of the famous game. You can generate puzzles in sizes from 4x4 to 9x9 and difficulties from very easy to very hard. The Assistant can help you with scanning, automatic markup and revealing certain numbers, allowing you to focus on the logic. Puzzles can be stored for later use. You can also solve newspaper puzzles by manually entering them. Ability to select color theme.
More InfoFREE Download
Kakuro Mini ver. 2.89 Shareware0.48 MB
Screenshot of Kakuro MiniKakuro Mini is a Pocket PC version of the famous game, kakuro. You can generate genuine kakuro puzzles in sizes from 6x6 to 9x9 and difficulties from easy to hard. The Assistant can help you with automatic markup and revealing certain numbers, allowing you to focus on the logic. Puzzles can be stored for later use. You can also solve newspaper puzzles by manually entering them. Ability to select color theme.
More InfoFREE Download
FineCrosser PPC ver. 1.0.1 Freeware0.33 MB
Screenshot of FineCrosser PPCIllustrated Swedish style crossword puzzles for PocketPC. Free.
More InfoFREE Download
Pyrism Windows ver. 1.25 Shareware8.18 MB
Screenshot of Pyrism WindowsPyrism the ultimate puzzle strategy Game, Windows Version. Outsmart one to five computer players while attempting to capture hexes on a map. Several map designs available with full version
More InfoFREE Download
2M Blocks Swapper ver. 2.4_us Shareware7.22 MB
Screenshot of 2M Blocks SwapperSwap blocks to destroy them. Play SQUARE or HEXAGON variations. Many custom options to setup difficulty, time limited play, number of blocks... Appealing high quality graphics. Full color and full size window mode. Skin your game with themes that display original blocks, nice effects and animations. High quality sounds fx and entertaining musics. Detailed scoring system including many bonus. Online help.
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
WordBowling ver. Freeware1.57 MB
Screenshot of WordBowlingWord Bowling is a word game with a bowling theme. The game is played with 10 frames. For each frame there is a 10 letter word scrambled up. If you unscramble the 10 letter word then you get a strike. You can choose to instead create two smaller words. Each word will count as one of your throws for that frame. The player with the highest score after 10 frames wins. Needs The Lobby (www.tams11.com) for online play.
More InfoFREE Download
PilesOTiles ver. 2.5.0 Shareware3.93 MB
Screenshot of PilesOTilesPilesOTiles is a puzzle game based on the Solitaire Mahjongg series of games, in which you must pair off groups of colourful tiles in order to succeed. Using large tiles which are easy to distinguish between, and is easily playable by anyone of any age. Multiple board configurations provide many hours of fun with the game, and it is great if you need that quick Mahjong fix. Piles'O'Tiles is sure to change the face of mahjongg games forever.
More InfoFREE Download
AquaPack Lines ver. 1.4 Shareware1.9 MB
Screenshot of AquaPack LinesJust when you though you saw it all, AquaPack Games released AquaPack Lines - the most extraordinary remake of the classic games. Honestly, sometimes folks stop playing to stare for hours at the game's astounding interface, graphics elements and cool ripple effects. For those not familiar with the game rules, there is a tutorial. Yes, this game is all you ever wanted in Lines - classic, time-tested rules, striking graphics and autosaving option!
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Jigsaw Puzzle Player ver. 1.1.3 Shareware2.01 MB
Screenshot of Jigsaw Puzzle PlayerPlay jigsaw puzzles on your computer, it's just like the real thing but without the hassle. JPP lets you work on multiple puzzles and switch between them, the program automatically remembers the state of each puzzle, so that you can continue with it later. Create computer jigsaws from your own digital images.
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
NonoGrid ver. 1.0.3 Shareware1.68 MB
Screenshot of NonoGridNonogrid is a logic puzzle game, based on the paper version called Nonograms or Griddlers. Solve puzzles by using number clues along the edges of a grid. Each square in the grid can be black or white. The solved puzzle shows a hidden picture. This computer version includes 150 puzzles, and has easy correction, hints and assumptions. The extensive Help file includes a tutorial to get started.
More InfoFREE Download
Online Backgammon Tournament ver. 4.7 Freeware0.85 MB
Screenshot of Online Backgammon TournamentOnline Backgammon Tournament is the first designated backgammon server with cash prize tournaments and real money games. Over the course of 2005, its first year of operation, Online Backgammon Tournament acquired hundreds of thousands of members and now features more than 10000 players online on average.
More InfoFREE Download
Deep Blue Sea (Mac) ver. 1.2.7 Demo10.3 MB
Screenshot of Deep Blue Sea (Mac)Dive in to the Deep Blue Sea and find treasure and adventure in an underwater world. The mystery of the aquatic people of Avalonia unfolds as you discover the scattered fragments of their Sacred Amulets, salvaging treasure along the way. The plot thickens as the Amulets are assembled and their powers come to life. Who can be trusted?
More InfoFREE Download
Okoker Sudoku Pro ver. 4.3 Shareware1.71 MB
Screenshot of Okoker Sudoku ProOkoker Sudoku Pro is one of the most amazing,challenging,intriguing,and entertaining puzzles to sweep the world in decades. It has a unique solution that can be reached logically without guessing. Enter digits from 1 to 9 into the blank spaces. Every row must contain one of each digit. So must every column,as must every 3x3 square.
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Name The Picture - funny captions game ver. 1.2 Freeware19.8 MB
Screenshot of Name The Picture - funny captions gameNTP funny games. Each person in the funny game room sees a picture, and has to think of a funny caption for the picture. Everyone then writes their funny remarks, and each entry is revealed and voted for by the players. The player who entered the funniest wins that round! The game includes a ranking system, and you can chat to others aswell. Great multiplayer funny games.
More InfoFREE Download
JigSaw Maverick ver. 1.9 Shareware1.29 MB
Screenshot of JigSaw MaverickPlay and solve jigsaw puzzles using realistic puzzle pieces. Fun for all ages and skill levels. Use the pictures supplied with the game, or turn your favorite picture or photo file into a jigsaw puzzle.
More InfoFREE Download
MagicGames Collection ver. 3.8 Shareware4.07 MB
Screenshot of MagicGames CollectionWant to have a refreshing new experience? Take a break and entertain you mind with a dynamic dance of logic in Magic Games Collection. You will discover six brain-twisting puzzles for various tastes, including Magic Lines, Magic Balls, Magic Beads, Logic Trainer, Magic Tetcolor and Combat Engineer. These games will delight you with an incredibly exhilarating gameplay, brilliant music and nice visuals.
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
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