SiteCafe ver. 1.5 Freeware30.28 MB
Screenshot of SiteCafeGet your internet or games cafe up and running in minutes with an easy-to-use, precise and robust Cafe-Manager tool. The included Configuration Wizard makes adjusting the settings easy even for less network-savvy users without any programming skills. The installation and configuration of the included Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database is automatic. SiteCafe requires an installed version of SiteKiosk Payment Bundle on the clients.
More InfoFREE Download
NoLimits Rollercoaster Simulation ver. 1.55 Shareware15.2 MB
Screenshot of NoLimits Rollercoaster SimulationNoLimits is the ultimate roller coaster simulation game that lets you experience authentic roller coaster thrills. Focusing on realism and speed, NoLimits lets you ride pre-built real existing coasters, or build a roller coaster to your own specifications. Every kind of coaster element that you could imagine is possible to design. There are no limits!
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Snowflakes Screensaver ver. 2.01.0505 Freeware1.34 MB
Screenshot of Snowflakes ScreensaverLet it snow on your desktop! Customize speed, number and size of snowflakes, whether a new screen will be painted after a preset time and select if you want to see date and/or time at the lower left corner.
More InfoFREE Download
aquapack battle boattle ver. 2.5 Shareware1.31 MB
Screenshot of aquapack battle boattleIt's extremely fast and highly dynamic game. Rules are simple. Visual effects are great. The genre is unique. It is the naval shooter. Steering a ship you are to pass through all the missions. Supports two players on one computer. Many types of units and missions to complete. Just try and you will like it.
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Brave Dwarves ver. 1.1 Shareware4.35 MB
Screenshot of Brave DwarvesBrave Dwarves - Back to treasures is a completely new product. The game offers 100 levels, hard to forget. Now the password system became handier. Also you will find handier password system, striking original music and brand new graphics. The Dwarves became even more attractive. A great deal of amusement is awaiting you and your kids!
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Game Accelerator ver. 3.3 Shareware0.24 MB
Screenshot of Game AcceleratorTo provide the best gaming experience available, Game Accelerator was designed with the end-user in mind. It eliminates system bugs and performance issues, optimising your PC’s hardware to provide the fastest, most stable gaming experience possible. This optimisation is accomplished via easy to navigate one-click menu options that allow you to tailor your games to run faster based on your systems hardware. Try it today!
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3D Halloween Screensaver ver. 1.1 Shareware5.01 MB
Screenshot of 3D Halloween ScreensaverA beautiful 3D Halloween Screensaver that will have you in awe as you witness what actually goes on during the midnight hours at the graveyard. Ghosts, tombstones and screeching sounds will haunt you forever! Beautiful 3D scenery Amazing skyline with shinny moon Smooth camera transition over the graveyard Brilliant fog display Ghosts, pumpkins, tombstones, wicked trees Haunting Halloween sounds
More InfoFREE Download
Astral Tournament ver. 1.6 Shareware6.03 MB
Screenshot of Astral TournamentMagic combat simulator based on collectable card games. You should summon creatures which will fight on your side and cast various spells to reduce your opponent life to 0. You can play single duels with computer or your friend, play online or take part in the tournament game. Version 1.6 contains new graphics and new combat interface.
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
3D UltraPong ver. 1.4 Freeware3.7 MB
Screenshot of 3D UltraPong3D UltraPong is the classic pong game with amazing 3D graphics. In this game you can customize your own game, choosing speed levels, game points, tabletextures, ball color and much more. Enjoy playing this amazing game against the computer or against another playerFeatures:Amazing 3D Graphics 1 or 2 player game Improved Computer AI 4 different ball speeds to choose from 4 different matchs to choose from, including custom match.
More InfoFREE Download
m9P Games Collection ver. 1.0 Freeware4.31 MB
Screenshot of m9P Games Collectionm9P Games Collection is a collection of 4 simple desktop games: Area 52, Breakout, Super Jigsaw Puzzle, and F1 Racer.
More InfoFREE Download
JoQmory ver. 1.7 Shareware2.8 MB
Screenshot of JoQmoryYour ability to remember pictures is put to the test in JoQmory. You can compete against 10 computer opponents, thereby training your memory skills. Your improvements will be noted in the high score list. You can also play by yourself, or against another player. JoQmory has three card decks to choose from: pictures, letters, and colors. Find out if you have a better memory for pictures, letters, or color.
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Awakening ver. 2.1 Shareware3.91 MB
Screenshot of AwakeningAwakening is a scrolling space shooter with ship upgrade possibilities. This game consists of 20 amazing levels. You can improve your ship configuration by installing new weapons, defensive systems, and power stations. To improve your ship, you must earn money by destroying throngs of enemies on every level.
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
Baby Boh! ver. 1.0 Freeware1.827 MB
Screenshot of Baby Boh!You are a little devil and it's your job to scare babys. Tell them BOH! and they leave the dreamland waking up from a nightmare. You can also throw your magic ball at them or call a Jack-in-the-Box to assist you. But avoid being caught by the crazy clown or the ghosts. If you score over 10000 points, you receive a Splattercode... No installation required - download and enjoy!
More InfoFREE Download
Torsch№tzenkЎnig ver. 1.8.4 Shareware9.25 MB
Screenshot of Torsch№tzenkЎnigTorschützenkönig - die interaktive Simulation einer Fussballprofikarriere Ausgangssituation Sie sind ein junger talentierter Stürmer. Jetzt erhalten Sie Ihre Chance in der 1.Liga zu spielen. Erstellen Sie Ihren Spieler, wählen Sie Ihr Alter, Ihren Verein und Ihre Nationalmannschaft. Möglichkeiten im Spiel Erobern Sie sich Ihren Stammplatz, durch intensives Training und versuchen Sie die Sympathien des Trainers und der Fans zu gewinnen.
More InfoFREE Download
GocartMania ver. 1.0.6 Shareware6.69 MB
Screenshot of GocartManiaGocartMania is a multi-player gocart racing game for Windows. The objective of the game is very simple - race for two laps and cross the finish line before any of your opponents. You can race against yourself, against an opponent on the same computer or against multiple opponents over a local network. There are several different tracks with different surfaces to choose from. The best results for each track are stored on a highscore list.
More InfoFREE Download
Cinemati ver. 1.0 Shareware2.7 MB
Screenshot of CinematiDesigned by Acclaimed Orion Studios, Cinemati is an Enhanced Media Player for Windows. Designed to allow direct access to movie files and special effects, Cinemati brings all your movies to life with simple to use playback controls. Load your favorite AVI, DivX, or MPEG files from your machine. It is as simple as point and click.
More InfoFREE Download
Universal Soccer Manager ver. 1.1b Shareware2.5 MB
Screenshot of Universal Soccer ManagerUSM v.1.1b is a game that simulates the life of a soccer manager, allowing you to make tactical decisions, sell and buy players, and hopefully bring your team to win the championship title! It has intuitive interface and it is really fast - even on old computers! thanks to our fast engine you don't have to wait for hours between one match and another! It has multilanguage support: read the docs in English, Italian, French, German and Dutch.
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Leopold ver. 1.06 Freeware14.22 MB
Screenshot of LeopoldConstruct an army from a selection of units with various abilities and try to take your enemy's castle in this free online strategy game. The tactics and strategy involved in the gameplay is drawn from miniatures wargames, collectable cardgames, and chess.
More InfoFREE Download
Millionaire ver. 2.0 Shareware1.11 MB
Screenshot of MillionaireThis is an almost exact simulation of the real Who Wants To Be A MILLIONAIRE game. Enjoy superior graphics and sound, and plus with over 1200 interesting questions. This game will surely boost your knowledge.
More InfoFREE Download
Syndicon ver. 1.3 Freeware2.67 MB
Screenshot of SyndiconSyndicon is a free of charge IM service based on Jabber. Our Syndicon Messenger offers anyone interested an account on our server (Syndicon.de) to send and retrieve messages and to communicate with users of other IM services freely via our gateways.
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