MyPlayCity Arkanoid ver. 2.1 Freeware1.47 MB
Screenshot of MyPlayCity ArkanoidThis game has been designed on the basis of the old good arkanoid, which was enjoyed by generations. At the same time, all latest computer technology features have been utilized. Vivid graphics, realistic animation, quality dynamic music and pleasant looking backgrounds are realized in the game.
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3D MiniGolf Unlimited ver. 1.1 Shareware6.08 MB
Screenshot of 3D MiniGolf UnlimitedA combination of luck and fun game, 3D Minigolf Unlimited brings you hours of game on many predefined courses or your own created courses through the embedded 3D editor. Worked design and fast rendering for your eyes. Plenty options and styles enhance the playing. It is very easy to install and uninstall the game. TLK guarantees unlimited updates for the registered version of this software.
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Tarsus Empire ver. 1 Freeware0.01 MB
Screenshot of Tarsus EmpireTarsus empire is a free browser based online multiplayer game where you must conquer planets and destroy enemy empire fleets to attempt to become the dominant force in the galaxy.
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Spider Hunting ver. 2.1 Freeware2.5 MB
Screenshot of Spider HuntingWhen hunting the Spider can catch as many butterflies and flies as his strength and dexterity allow him to. It is a real amusing adventure for him: he can either catch lots of butterflies and dragonflies or fall into insects' clutches himself. But the Spider keeps in mind that good hunting should be rewarded, and he can earn a pretty sum of money for the prey!
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STG WordList ver. 1.0 Freeware0.81 MB
Screenshot of STG WordListSTG Wordlist is a simple program intended as a helper on word games. A large word list is included and can be replaced by the user. You can search in mask mode or anagram mode.
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Crazy Crash Racing ver. 2.4 Freeware1.9 MB
Screenshot of Crazy Crash RacingYou will have to snatch your life out of the fiery lava mouth and shift from scorching meteorites. There is no way back, the fiery lava is breathing right behind your back and it won't be slow in swallowing you up if you become heedless, and the meteorites rain is becoming heavier, you must react really quickly. A heap of obstacles and the sea of adrenaline is waiting for you along the road. Good luck racer!
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Brutal Wars ver. 1.5 Shareware3.19 MB
Screenshot of Brutal WarsBrutal Wars is a turn-based war strategy that challenges you to hone your strategic skills on the battlefield displayed on your Pocket PC. Your objective is to protect your land from the onslaught of the enemy. The game offers 40 different military units, diverse maps, campaign, single-player and multiplayer modes. Additionally, you have an ability to save your current game, transfer it to your Pocket PC or desktop PC and continue to play.
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Sea Patrol ver. 3.1 Freeware1.65 MB
Screenshot of Sea PatrolThe merchant ships started to disappear in the vast expanses of the ocean. It was discovered that the terrorists hiding on the islands laid their hand on these ships. Neutralize the threat! Destroy the terrorists. Make the shipping routes safe. A warship is at your disposal. Receive ammunition via air support periodically. Get supplementary weapon and scores by gathering additional objects.
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Crawler Fun Ball ver. 4.5 Freeware1.74 MB
Screenshot of Crawler Fun BallPlay with Fun Ball on your desktop for FREE and access your toolbar menu with a right-click on the ball. Toss it all around, it bounces right back. Don’t ever get bored again! Comes as a part of customizable Crawler Toolbar. Crawler Toolbar is 100% safe and does not contain any malicious software or facilitate pop-up ads.
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RicoSliders ver. 1.015 Shareware1.48 MB
Screenshot of RicoSlidersStart an exciting competition with a computer opponent and prove your superiority over it or admit defeat! The unusual gameplay, aggressive AI, motion dynamics and turn-based tactics will reveal the new facets of the game for you. RicoSliders ensures equal conditions and opportunities both for the human and for the computer. Real physical laws are combined with simple and intuitive controls.
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Star Estimator ver. 3.3 Freeware0.82 MB
Screenshot of Star EstimatorFind the matching between you and Super Celebrities! What if you have a Star Twin? Just send your photo and the Star Estimator will show Celebrities portraits similar to yours. And, who knows? Maybe once you have found your celebrity-match, you will discover yourself anew. For, as many think, a person's outward appearance determines his/her fate. Are you up for the challenge?
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Plasticine Racing ver. 2.1 Freeware8.65 MB
Screenshot of Plasticine RacingPlasticine Racing is a racing game on tracks by plasticine cars! Main features of the game: frantic gameplay, smart opponents, original plasticine graphics, a crowd of cars with different behavior, routes of various complexity and quality musical background. Career about the tracks, collect the scores and invent new tracks and new cars. It's easy and a lot of fun! Well, shall we emulate?
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Alien Riposte ver. 2.1 Freeware10.72 MB
Screenshot of Alien RiposteAlien Riposte presents frantic and addictive action shooter game! Distant future. The Earth is in the war with alien civilizations for the repartition of the Universe. Enemy have done a manoeuvre and split up. And now they're attacking. Thousands of ships and controllable meteoroids are pouncing at the Earth like a bolt from the blue. Your ship is the last one left on the Earth, and you're the only one to stop them.Good luck, brave hero!
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Magic Ball 3 ver. 3.04 Shareware19.2 MB
Screenshot of Magic Ball 3Capture bank robbers! Save damsels in distress! Battle pirates on the open seas! The game Breakout fans have been dreaming of for years has arrived. Say goodbye to bricks and hello to a spectacular new level of visual detail in Magic Ball 3. Features outrageous bonuses, awesome audio effects and captivating music. Download Magic Ball 3 now to get your first taste of the next generation of casual arcade games!
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Crazy Car Gangsters ver. 2.3 Freeware1.72 MB
Screenshot of Crazy Car GangstersCrazy Car Gangsters game is a very curious mixture of arcade races and shooter. Everyone will find something to his taste: hot rodding in town, breaking rules and scampering away from the police; making the town a battle-field and shooting around every moving thing - anyway deep impression, stylish music and funny graphics are guaranteed to exalt you. Well? Shall we go for a hell of a ride?
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Art of Titian ver. 1.0 Demo2.39 MB
Screenshot of Art of TitianBring Titian art to your desktop! Titian is known as a famous Renaissance painter. Titian's paintings are dynamic and vibrant. His paintings, both secular and religious, create a Venetian counterpart to High Renaissance style: complex, monumental, and dynamic, with color and atmospheric tone. Most of Titian's art work is deep and emotionally charged. Get this high-quality collection of wallpaper art to excite, inspire, and educate yourself!
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Rembrandt's Art Collection ver. 1.0 Demo3.12 MB
Screenshot of Rembrandt's Art CollectionBring Rembrandt art to your desktop! Rembrandt is known as a painter of light and shade and as an artist who favoured an uncompromising realism. The core of Rembrandt's creative work consists of biblical, historical, mythological, and allegorical paintings. Get this high-quality wallpaper art collection to excite, inspire, and educate yourself!
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Drug Dealer Renegade ver. 1.0 Demo4.64 MB
Screenshot of Drug Dealer RenegadeStep into the shoes of a Drug Dealer. Your family is murdered and your drug cartel is destroyed. Now you want revenge. With a little cash from a loan and your old connections, it’s time for you to make money buying and selling drugs. Earn a profit and you’ll survive, otherwise you’ll end up at the bottom of the ocean. Travel across the streets of America fighting gang members, loan sharks, and the police.
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ClearMoveU ver. 2.58 Freeware4.42 MB
Screenshot of ClearMoveUThis ClearMoveU game has appeared as a result of development of the popular ClearMove game. The rules of the game differ unsignificantly. The main difference that the game can proceed as long as you like. All depends on your art.
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TEA Crossword Helper ver. 2.7 Demo1.8 MB
Screenshot of TEA Crossword HelperTEA is a crossword puzzle solver with over a million words and phrases. It finds crossword answers; solves anagram clues; helps with other word games such as Scrabble and Countdown. Letter variables help solve cryptograms and find words with unusual properties such as palindromes; punctuation matching finds phrases and hyphenated words. The integrated dictionary and thesaurus includes over 190,000 definitions and 130,000 citations.
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