Riddle Me ver. 1.99 Demo8.76 MB
Screenshot of Riddle MeNeed an unforgettable scavenger hunt for kids? Riddle Me scavenger hunt software instantly generates a printable riddle hunt game with clues. With almost 5,000 age-specific riddles on over 400 objects found in and around your home, you get instant fun and huge replay value. Perfect for Easter Egg hunts, birthday parties, Halloween scavenger hunts, pirate treasure hunts, rainy days, and more. 60-day money back guarantee. (PC/Mac)
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Tams11 Lobby ver. Shareware1.29 MB
Screenshot of Tams11 LobbyCome join the fun! The Tams11 Lobby has a variety of multiplayer online games including dice games like Farkle, card games like Hand and Foot, and word games such as Wordline. Play the games against others from around the world. The Lobby is ever changing and determined to give you a community that you can be involved with and enjoy for years to come! Come and be a part of the community!
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SaleHoo Alert ver. 1.4.0 Freeware1.83 MB
Screenshot of SaleHoo AlertFree eBay monitoring software from SaleHoo that automates your favorite wholesale searches and instantly notifies you when new wholesale listings appear on eBay. With SaleHoo Alert you can search over 10 different eBay sites and be notified instantly when your favorite wholesale lots get listed. You can also use SaleHoo Alert to be notified via email if you are away from your PC.
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2004 Lines ver. 1.02 Freeware1.62 MB
Screenshot of 2004 LinesThe purpose is to remove as many balls as possible. You must form horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of 5 balls or more. Each turn will add three new balls to the board. You are then allowed to move a ball to another place, provided that it can slide freely on the board to its new position. There are no hints or undo in Lines game. You can always see three balls on the side of a board. Those three will be added to the board after your move.
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Billiards Games ver. 1.9 Freeware5.08 MB
Screenshot of Billiards GamesBilliards Games &Play Pool and Snooker games. Realistic 3D game. Download and Enjoy 4 variation of Pool (billiards) games, and 3 types of Snooker games. Billiards Games. Visit us and download freely the web's most realistic 3D Graphics - as close as it gets to a real-life game. Join hundreds of players from all around the world. The site supports German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch & Swedish. Try Billiards Games.
More InfoFREE Download
100Share.com Lyrics Base ver. 1.7.0 Freeware4.82 MB
Screenshot of 100Share.com Lyrics BaseView lyrics quickly from 120,000 songs, 10,000 albums and 2,000 artists with this free utility
More InfoFREE Download
KingMania ver. 1.01 Shareware21.57 MB
Screenshot of KingManiaKingmania is a fast and simple action strategy game from a fantasy world that will test players ability to make quick tactical decisions. You control different buildings, use spells and the power of hordes of your lieges to defeat your opponents. Each of the buildings in the game has another purpose and can be improved upon.
More InfoFREE Download
Juegos de Cocina ver. 1.0 Freeware1.25 MB
Screenshot of Juegos de CocinaLets play some cooking games! These games are becoming a very popular source of enjoyment for kids. Where do you find these amazing cooking games for kids? Download our toolbar and you will have access to hundreds of free games in your browser. For a kid looking for a fun way to fill a little free time, the cooking game is the most enjoyable way to do it. What's great about this cooking game is it also offers tips and tricks on the screen
More InfoFREE Download
Aquadelic GT ver. 1.0 Commercial404.55 MB
Screenshot of Aquadelic GTAquadelic GT is a boat racing game in the style of a kart racer – easy to learn, but challenging to master. Can you rise to become the top speedboat racer in the Aquadelic GT League? You can enjoy piloting boats with a variety of properties. Whilst one is stable in every situation another can be hard to control at speed. There are multiple paint-jobs for each boat, so you can choose one you like.
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Tetris Pure ver. 1.8 Freeware1.8 MB
Screenshot of Tetris PureTetris Pure is the latest version of tetris, unspoiled and with superb graphics! There are zillion of wannabe tetris games out there. Tetris Pure is the next step in the evolution of tetris games. It stayed true to the philosophy of tetris and enhanced it with the lates arcade environment. This game is so good; it will stay on your computer for years. You won't be able to get enough of it!
More InfoFREE Download
Memory Brain Game ver. trial Freeware6 MB
Screenshot of Memory Brain GameNew, fresh, fun and high quality Memory Brain game that will keep you playing for hours non stop! This game is designed by the founder of the School of Phenomenal Memory so a player can relax and have some fun while actually improving his/her attention and memory. The game is packed with fun bonuses, campaigns and challenges that will keep you interested no matter what you do and how old you are.
More InfoFREE Download
GameShell ver. 3.28 Freeware1.81 MB
Screenshot of GameShellThe new version of a game shell LoG for customization of logical games. The program allows to adjust appearance of games: to select the colour and sound schemes, to install new sets of game blocks. The program allows to make fast start and installation of games, to look through the brief summary of yet not installed games.
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Magic Seeds ver. 1.0 Shareware10.15 MB
Screenshot of Magic SeedsJane leased a lot of land and started her business of growing plants and vegetables. She has little money, a few Magic Seeds and a great desire to grow plants. Help her make some money. Grow plants, take care of them, and protect them from mice and crows. Cross-breed plants in order to get new varieties. By selling plants you can make money to cultivate your land, buy the lot and build your own house.
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
MagicFarm ver. 1.023 Shareware18.04 MB
Screenshot of MagicFarmMagic Farm is the heartwarming and entertaining story of a young florist and her cute little dragon helper. The young girl wishes to save her beloved parents, who got lost in the jungle. She needs to supply various people with funds, so she puts her florist skills to the test. You will help the girl to grow and sell various flowers and fruit. Both gardening and business activities are essential to reaching your goal.
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
Aevum Obscurum ver. 2.6.15 Shareware9.93 MB
Screenshot of Aevum ObscurumIt's the beginning of the 14th century and there is only one thing on the minds of the Kings of Europe: Glory! Armies mass and navies gather, pitting general against general and steel against steel. Who will be victorious? Will your place be in the history books or in the mud? Will you govern or will you grovel? Do you have what it takes to rule the known world? Join Aevum Obscurum and show us what you're made of!
More InfoFREE Download
Free Billiards 2008 ver. 1.0 Freeware11.67 MB
Screenshot of Free Billiards 2008No need to go out to play your favorite billiard game, play here right at your PC. This amazing 3D pool game will make you believe that you are playing a real billiard game with real opponents. Tons of features and lots of fun are waiting you.
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The Goalkeeper (MAC) ver. 1.2.2 Shareware6.3 MB
Screenshot of The Goalkeeper (MAC)Ever wanted to take the role of a great goalkeeper? Now with The Goalkeeper game you can! Create your own goalkeeper, choosing between Handling, Reflexes, Jumping and Charisma skill. Then select your starting team from 6 different leagues: England, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Netherland.Gain Prestige Points with your saves and try to become the best goalkeeper in the world! Featuring over 100 teams from the top european leagues!
More InfoFREE Download
Styrateg ver. 1.05 Shareware12.7 MB
Screenshot of StyrategA narrative strategy based on the balanced and unique mixture of adventure, action and investigation in a great RPG adventure with original medieval music. Quests in twenty levels of mysterious blend of action and story.
More InfoFREE Download
Tactic Core ver. 1.0 Freeware1.18 MB
Screenshot of Tactic CoreTactics Core is a professionally made RPG game. In it, you control archers, healers and swordsman and must defeat the other team. The game is turn based (you do things such as move and attack) in a 2D level. You'll control a team of 6 characters each of whom have different strengths in the way of power, vitality, speed and more.
More InfoFREE Download
Massive Attack ver. 1.0 Freeware1.16 MB
Screenshot of Massive AttackMassive Attack is a game where you must protect your castle against soldiers, horseman, tanks and elite troops. You can build walls and motes, as well as use archers and fire to deal with invaders. The game is easy to begin with but becomes harder and harder as you progress through levels.
More InfoFREE Download
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