Armada Tanks ver. 1.0 Shareware9.38 MB
Screenshot of Armada TanksOld school gameplay and modern graphics come together in Armada Tanks, a hot new arcade shooter. It challenges players to protect their military base from the enemy. In each of the game's more than 60 levels, players steer their armored carrier into position and fire on an impressive variety of opposing tanks.
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Tanks Territory ver. 1.0 Freeware11.31 MB
Screenshot of Tanks TerritoryOne tank to rule them all. Engage in a variety of missions. Your goal is to protect your military base from all kinds of enemy troops. Top down view with amazing graphics and sound effects will make you really smell napalm and burning metal surrounding you at every level. Over fourty various battle themes through deserts, jungles and frozen cities are waiting for you. Fight tons of stubborn enemies and bring victory to your land!
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Strategy Balls ver. 1 Freeware1 MB
Screenshot of Strategy BallsIt is a colorful game with one interesting goal. You have to jump over as many same colored balls as possible with one move. Each draw you make opens some new options but than again closes some options as well. You have to think hard with each move you make. The Strategy Balls game combines relaxation and challenge. Great fun for adults and a fantastic game for kids who want to stimulate their mental skills.
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Bouldermouse ver. 1.4 Shareware16.03 MB
Screenshot of BouldermouseYou are the famous Bouldermouse! Collect all the diamonds in the mine. Avoid monsters and falling rocks. Use dynamite and bombs to blow your way through 40 levels. Featuring 3D GFX, Online hiscores, a Leveleditor in a beautiful 3D environment...Now also featuring the free addon minigame Puzzlemouse!
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ArkanDROID ver. 2.8 Shareware3.35 MB
Screenshot of ArkanDROIDArkanDROID is an updated, improved remake of the classic arcade game Arkanoid. ArkanDROID is simple, but great fun: Bounce the balls off the paddle and destroy the bricks, level by level, picking up bonuses along the way. Use your mouse to move the paddle left and right along the bottom of the screen. Enjoy the delightful sound, graphics and gameplay!
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Mad Max ver. 1.0 Freeware1.17 MB
Screenshot of Mad MaxMad Max is a game that is based on the post-apocalyptic movie of the same name. The object is to survive life after the end of the world by battling survivalists and collecting valuable food, water, gasoline, and money in order to continue racing into the desert wasteland that lies beyond.
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Hunt for Red October ver. 1.0 Freeware1.17 MB
Screenshot of Hunt for Red OctoberThe video game based on the movie was released in 1991 and was available for ZX Spectrum, Amiga, Atari ST, IBM PC, Amstrad, Nintendo Entertainment System, Super NES and Game Boy. The game featured deep sea combat, side-scrolling action, and cinematic sequences. The object is to evade destruction and eliminate saboteurs. The caterpillar drive is particularly useful for quietly escaping the enemy.
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D.N.A ver. 1.0 Demo12 MB
Screenshot of D.N.AD.N.A offers hours of addictive, original fun. The game builds on the popular gameplay elements of other popular online games but replaces the standard ‘match three’ color system and grid with an inventive color combination system. Help biologist Dr. Rose Thompson with her experiments. Combine different colored proteins and create entirely new cells, which grow into a variety of amazing flowers! Tired of matching three? Try chaining ten!
More InfoFREE Download
Hap Hazard ver. 1.01 Shareware4.4 MB
Screenshot of Hap HazardSpace station Icarus is under attack! Help Hap Hazard fight through forty levels filled with angry aliens, terrifying traps, and stupifying challenges to stop Otto Oblivion! Face smart darts, malfunctioning robots, melted steel, and distortions of reality itself as you race to defuse all the plasma bombs!
More InfoFREE Download
Hap Hazard Mac ver. 1.01 Shareware4.4 MB
Screenshot of Hap Hazard MacSpace station Icarus is under attack! Help Hap Hazard fight through forty levels filled with angry aliens, terrifying traps, and stupifying challenges to stop Otto Oblivion! Face smart darts, malfunctioning robots, melted steel, and distortions of reality itself as you race to defuse all the plasma bombs!
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3D Cubes Unlimited ver. 1.0 Shareware4.76 MB
Screenshot of 3D Cubes UnlimitedA unique game of thought in 3 dimensions requiring you to form the words presented on the board by using the lettered cubes. It is up to you to learn to correctly position the cubes. It’s just you, your mind and the cubes! The game may seem rather easy at the beginning but becomes progressively more difficult as you advance through the levels. With a total 180 levels and 3 possible languages, let the games begin!
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MonkeyLink ver. 1.0 Demo3.5 MB
Screenshot of MonkeyLinkYour task is to link the monkeys into rows or columns according to their colour. You cannot move them around the board so must rotate them to join three or more in a line. Look out for the rainbow monkeys who will help you in your goal of collecting as many monkeys as possible. Play the Unlimited version and take your time to beat the high score, or choose the Arcade Mode to race against the clock!
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Cratered ver. Freeware21.25 MB
Screenshot of CrateredCratered is a FREE top down, multi-player shooter where two opposing teams face off in a variety of game types. We pay homage to this sub-genre of games where all the rules you need to know is that you should blow things up and grab the enemy flag using any sneaky methods available.
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Molipop ver. 1.02 Demo17.96 MB
Screenshot of MolipopJourney through the six regions of China in this Adventure Puzzle Game! Groove along to the lively music that powers players through each level and enjoy the bright graphics over a back-drop of beautiful local scenery. Each region gives a variation on a match-and-remove classic, while following the character of Moli on her journey. If adventure is not your thing, there is a level by level version, with a few bonuses and challenges!
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Worm_Maze_Getter ver. 1 Freeware0.46 MB
Screenshot of Worm_Maze_Getter3d Worms, grab them apples, it's similar to snake.
More InfoFREE Download
DeLightBall Gold ver. 1.02 Freeware0.73 MB
Screenshot of DeLightBall GoldDeLightBall Gold is an uncomplicated and very funny arcade game. Use a bouncing ball to collect time and points by switching off colored light bulbs. When you hit a bulb you get an extra second to play. If you hit several bulbs in a row you get a time bonus. On the other hand, you loose five seconds every time you loose the ball. How many points do you get before the time runs out? DeLightBall Gold has three degrees of difficulty.
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Magus: In Search of Adventure ver. 1.0 Shareware0 MB
Screenshot of Magus: In Search of AdventureMagus is a charming creature with a gift for magic and a heart for fun. One day, he journeys into an enchanted wood and sees glittering jewels scattered everywhere! Bedazzled, he begins scooping up the priceless gems.
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Egypt Ball ver. 2.1 Freeware11.6 MB
Screenshot of Egypt BallEgypt Ball is a masterful combination of arcade and puzzle. Egypt Ball is an amazing adventure where the myths of Ancient Egypt will lead you through perilous dangers to achieve the great goal of restoring the long lost gifts of Amon-Ra, the King of Gods. Colorful, creatively laid out levels follow each other, and it is almost impossible to stop enjoying this game full of wonders and waiting for you to explore them.
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Need For Extreme 3D ver. 2.1 Freeware14.52 MB
Screenshot of Need For Extreme 3DNeed For Extreme 3D - a new 3D race game with 3D person view from above that is original for this genre. The game purpose is to be the first. There are two game modes - Tournament and Single Race. You should pass the tracks one by one in the Tournament mode. To pass to the next track you should be the first in the previous one. You can choose any track in the Single Race mode.
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Flyonoid ver. 1.16 Shareware18.98 MB
Screenshot of FlyonoidYeah, that was the day when hordes of alien scum attacked our little green planet. These monstrous green freaks had harassed three grasshoppers, stolen spots from the lady bugs wings, but most importantly kidnapped all flies from planet Earth. Some say they took a bug with them, but that information was later reputed by two stampedes that insist it was a bear, not a bug. We can only guess.
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