Bus Driver ver. 1.5a Demo62.12 MB
Screenshot of Bus DriverIn Bus Driver PC driving game, your job is to transport passengers around an attractive and realistic city. You must drive to a timetable on a planned route, whilst obeying traffic rules, and taking care not to upset or injure your passengers. This makes Bus Driver unlike any other driving game - the experience of driving a bus is very different from blazing through a racing circuit.
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NovaBubbles for PocketPC ver. 1.4 Shareware1.74 MB
Screenshot of NovaBubbles for PocketPCNovaBubbles is addictive arcade game with simple rules and two game modes - Arcade and Puzzle. Great choice of combinations and various strategies will give lots of fun! This game is a good one for children as well as for adults. The rules is simple - put three or more bubbles at same color together so that they burst and disappear. Point your stylus to where you want the next bubble to go and click to fire the shot.
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Snake Munch ver. 1.0 Freeware6.23 MB
Screenshot of Snake MunchThe spinning twist on the classic arcade game! Afraid of snakes? Change your mind now and try this game! Navigate the snake by rotating it clockwise or counter-clockwise. Finally snake crawls around every corner! (Watch your back though!) Avoid the obstacles and eat all the fruits to advance through the levels. The more food the snake eats the longer it becomes so... Do not bite your tail off!
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Crickler ver. 1.10 Freeware0.07 MB
Screenshot of CricklerCricklers are a new type of word puzzle - a total re-invention of the crossword puzzle for the computer age. Cricklers adapt: they become easier or harder depending on the skill of the solver. Words are chosen by the designer -- the computer takes care of fitting them together. Clues and answers sit side by side. You can see which letters are vowels, and you get a reassuring sound when you complete a clue correctly.
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Mayawaka ver. 1.0 Shareware23.33 MB
Screenshot of MayawakaTravel the pyramids of the Mayawaka to bring joy back to your people, brave hero. The journey will be treacherous, but you must defeat the lords of the underworld and their dark plans for humanity.
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Arcade Lines ver. 1.81 Shareware2.8 MB
Screenshot of Arcade LinesArcade Lines is an extremely addictive puzzle game using brilliant graphics, pulsating music and a great variety of different game modes. It is very easy to learn, but not so easy to master! You'll be hooked for hours. Try to prevent the board from filling by forming rows of 5 or more pieces of the same color. Also great for the kids, keeping them amused while developing strategic thinking. This is a must-have download for every puzzle game fan!
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Tetris Game Gold ver. 2.3 Shareware3.07 MB
Screenshot of Tetris Game GoldTetrix Game Gold is a real game for fans of classic Tetris with music and skins. Stick to the rules of the game and go from one level to another. In this game your goal is to adjust the blocks so they form lines that will disappear. The more lines that disappear at a time, the more points you get. And select background music. Change style of the unit Tetris block, skin of Game Theme .
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Classic Puzzle Game ver. 3.4 Shareware3.17 MB
Screenshot of Classic Puzzle GameClassic Puzzle Game is a real game for fans of classic puzzle game. This game contains of 10 high quality pictures of historical, nature, ancient and also modern world. It allows you to play as a puzzle with pictures of all around the world . And also you are able to choose a picture from anywhere on your disk (computer) and play the game.
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Color Ball ver. 3.38 Freeware1.633 MB
Screenshot of Color BallIf there are more than 3 balls of the same color in one vertical line, they will be automatically dissolved and you get points. There are two special balls: 50-Point-ball and Kill-all -Ball. You can not collect them directly, but you can dissolve them together with other balls. Kill-all -ball can dissolve three lines of color balls for you. You can activate the Kill-all -ball by pressing space key.
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Crystal Cave Classic ver. 1.0 Shareware18.98 MB
Screenshot of Crystal Cave ClassicCrystal Cave Classic is a quest for long-lost treasures buried in pitch black caves, pyramids and temples of ancient civilizations. Huge gemstones were sheltered from the sunshine for eons of time waiting for explorers brave enough to unearth them. You - as an intrepid treasure hunter - will need all your ingenuity to pass the traps and dangers of the underground and collect the treasure in more than 170 levels.
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Little Space Duo ver. 1.00 Shareware27.18 MB
Screenshot of Little Space DuoLittle Space Duo is a puzzle-based arcade game starring an unusual pair of heroes - a little girl and a small robot. They have found themselves in trouble on a huge spaceship and need to join forces to sort out the situation. Join them on a mission through the spaceship and help them to overcome all the challenges and hazards they will encounter on the way. The game features 40 levels, 2 gameplay modes and smooth, easy to learn gameplay.
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Escape ver. 3.50 Freeware1.555 MB
Screenshot of EscapeHelp Bubble Bob rescue his bubble girl friend. Evil Star hold her as hostage!
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River Raider ver. 1.0.9 Shareware10.8 MB
Screenshot of River RaiderThis game is remake of old and very popular game - River Raid. Staggering gameplay, 50 levels - from very simple to complicated, a lot of enemies with different types and behaviour, wide variety of special effects and stereo sound - guarantee of 100% joy and satisfaction.
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Balloon Cat ver. 1.0 Freeware0.38 MB
Screenshot of Balloon Cat Flash original free shooting additive game by ArcadeGamePlace.com The cat is flying on the balloon with a gun. It shoots the monsters and dragons, avoids their shots, and collects bonuses that kitten generates (armor, bullets, scores). You have three lives and 60 seconds of time. There are 7 levels and the last level is the fight with the monster’s boss. Use right and left arrows to move, the Mouse to aim and shoot.
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Sonic on Clouds ver. 1.0 Freeware0.22 MB
Screenshot of Sonic on CloudsNew Sonic adventures in clouds at free arcade game by Real-Free-Arcade.com Sonic is walking on the clouds; he collects medals and catches balloons. Use Left and Right Arrows to move, Up to jump, Down to super jump. If Sonic falls the game is over. Score points and publish the best result at the web-site.
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Arcadebox Soccer ver. 1.38 Freeware4.6 MB
Screenshot of Arcadebox SoccerArcadebox Soccer Online is an old school style soccer game with fun and addictive gameplay. You can play against computer or find a live opponent in the internet lobby. After login the game, select soccer from the left panel, then enter the practice game room, you are ready to play.
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Crazynoid ver. 1.1.03 Shareware7.1 MB
Screenshot of CrazynoidCrazynoid is a arkanoid/breakout inspired game written in Java. The game graphics are enhanced by the use of 3D accelerated hardware. The full version contains 22 levels and come with a visual level editor.
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Eatman ver. 1.1 Shareware2.36 MB
Screenshot of EatmanEatman remake old popular clssick game Packman. In this game you must help Eatman collect all points from each level and rescue him from monsters. In this version you find 50 levels and two monsters types. But in unregistered version available only 5 levels.
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Minigolf Mania ver. 1.0.430 Shareware20 MB
Screenshot of Minigolf ManiaMiniature Golf has never been so much fun! Minigolf Mania takes you and up to three friends from the traditional Golden Hills to the fiery pools of Lava Islands. Expect the unexpected as special course items threaten to throw your ball off mark. Booster Beams blast you in different directions; Super Jumps launch you in the air; Super Grow makes your ball gigantic; and more creative power ups help or hinder your path to the cup.
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Sudoku Mini 2007 ver. 2.56 Shareware0.44 MB
Screenshot of Sudoku Mini 2007Sudoku Mini is a Pocket PC version of the famous game. You can generate puzzles in sizes from 4x4 to 9x9 and difficulties from very easy to very hard. The Assistant can help you with scanning, automatic markup and revealing certain numbers, allowing you to focus on the logic. Puzzles can be stored for later use. You can also solve newspaper puzzles by manually entering them. Ability to select color theme.
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