Kingthon Arcade Collection ver. 1.30 Shareware8.22 MB
Screenshot of Kingthon Arcade CollectionKingthon Arcade Collection is a collection of arcade games. It includes 180 high-quality arcade games such as classic pacman, snake, James Bomb, Final Fortress, Heli Atack, Linear Assault, Mr. Penguin, Drakojan Skies Acolytes, Squirrel Squash, etc. If you are looking for funny arcade games, Kingthon Arcade Collection is your best choice.
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Snatch and Run : Lode Runner ver. 1.54 Demo3.49 MB
Screenshot of Snatch and Run : Lode RunnerSnatch And Run is a thrilling remake of classical game Lode Runner. It combines dynamics of arcade game and solution discovering aim of logistic game. You will notice well-developed levels, sound effects, skins' options, which can be set as you wish. You will enjoy this game, especially during leisure hours. The fancy of classical Lode Runner will like it for sure.
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Fruit Fall ver. 1.12 Shareware10.65 MB
Screenshot of Fruit FallFruit Fall is a simple but addictive puzzle game that has already enjoyed tremendous success with tens of thousands of players of all ages around the world. The aim of the game is to connect three fruits of the same kind to make them disappear. Simply use the mouse or arrow keys to rotate the game screen clockwise or anti-clockwise and gravity will cause the fruit to fall. Sounds simple? It is!
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Puzzle Poker ver. 1.0.216 Shareware3.7 MB
Screenshot of Puzzle PokerPuzzle Poker is a very easy new puzzle game based upon poker. Cards are dealt and you form as many poker hands as you can before the clock runs down. The better the poker hands you create, the more chips you win. Create your own personal online clubhouses and invite your friends to join. Check out how your scores compare on the worldwide high score lists. See how many different awards you can win in your trophy case.
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Waterfall Catcher ver. 1.0 Freeware2.17 MB
Screenshot of Waterfall CatcherIchthyologists in the whole world raise the alarm! Some species of fish have become so rare, that in a couple of years they can disappear completely. To prevent an ecocatastrophe a special expedition was organized, which aimed to collect as many species of the extinct fish as possible to raise them in the laboratory and then to set them free. Beware! There will be not only fish among your catch sometimes!
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Golden Axe ver. 1.0 Freeware0.88 MB
Screenshot of Golden AxeThe forces of Death Adder have descended upon your village, slaughtering your family and causing a ruckus amongst the populous. With hordes of muscled warriors, dragons, skeletons, and other unpleasant undead fellows, it looks like the forces of darkness are going to have their way unless you do something about it. Armed only with a sword or axe, you head into Death Adder's stronghold, ready to put the hurt on these villains.
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Addams Family Values ver. 1.0 Freeware1.62 MB
Screenshot of Addams Family ValuesThe Addams family finds itself in a wacky situation once again, this time involving the newest member of the family, Baby Pubert. Following the same plot as the movie, this game puts you in the role of Uncle Fester as you try to rescue Pubert from his kidnapper – AKA his former nanny! Throughout this action/RPG, you'll come across familiar characters like Morticia, Gomez, and Lurch as you search for clues and prepare yourself for battle.
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Micro Machines ver. 1.0 Freeware0.85 MB
Screenshot of Micro MachinesIf you're bored of racing Formula I cars, rally cars or MotoGP bikes in their natural habitats, this could be for you. It involves racing miniatures representing particular vehicle types across a particular terrain found around the house. Get ready to blast through the various rooms of the house at 210 mph. Race eight different machines including tanks, speedboats, 4x4s, and helicopters. Take on the challenges of 28 different circuits.
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Impulse ver. 1.0 Demo4.01 MB
Screenshot of ImpulsePlace your bombs, start the simulation and blast your way through over 100 challenging levels in this unique logic puzzle game! Impulse has a simple game concept: the ball must hit the goal object. Different bombs, obstacles, special elements and force fields provide varied levels. The interactive timeline at the bottom of the screen lets you control the time and guarantees an original gameplay.
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Hyperballoid Complete Edition ver. 1.22 Shareware29.5 MB
Screenshot of Hyperballoid Complete EditionHyperballoid Complete Edition is a highly addictive arkanoid game of new generation. It captures you from the first level and keeps on the edge of your seat until the very end. Check out absolutely new levels with three different brick types.
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Pets Connect ver. 2.5 Freeware1 MB
Screenshot of Pets ConnectThis is a time based challenging puzzle game where you need to concentrate hard to find pairs of matching pets to make them disappear. You must create a path between the two matching pets but make sure that the path is not blocked by any other pets.
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Banama Bladventures ver. 1.0 Shareware7.45 MB
Screenshot of Banama BladventuresBrand new amazing platformer featuring clockwork banana Banama! More than 30 levels of non-stop fun. Three game worlds with unique bonuses and monsters. Beautifully graphics and smooth animation. Finger-snapping music and explosive sound effects.
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Great Wall of Words ver. 1.0 Shareware5.7 MB
Screenshot of Great Wall of WordsIntroducing The Great Wall of Words, a new and highly addictive word game for Windows, featuring 5 different ways to play including Time Attack, Conquest and WordSearch modes. Help Qu-Yuan repair the Great Wall in a race against time to stop the invading Mongol army.
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Sweetpac ver. 5.0 Shareware5.91 MB
Screenshot of SweetpacTens of levels fulfilled with a precious pearls guarded by ghosts! Monsters won't help you but you're faster and smarter! Collect all treasures! You are going to meet zig-zag ghosts, hunters and explosive flocks. You'll pass keylocked doors, breakable walls, electric gates and sucking pipes. Ball gun, mines, speed accelerator, shield and other bonuses will make you unbeatable. Tree levels of difficulty for everybody. Enjoy in delightful scenery!
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Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys ver. 2.6 Shareware13 MB
Screenshot of Cactus Bruce and the Corporate MonkeysPlay as the Pirate Cactus who controls a grappling claw-machine. The claw can grab almost any item in the game which creates a very dynamic and explorable environment. The cast of comical friends (like Marvin the Explosive Snowman) and the humorous storyline energizes the gameplay. In addition, Cactus Bruce and the Corporate Monkeys features memorable music, immersive graphics, wacky mini game, five varied game modes, and over 100 levels.
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Leaping Freddy ver. Shareware2.13 MB
Screenshot of Leaping FreddyLeaping Freddy is a classic arcade game where our hero Freddy is attempting to collect treasures from the Wizard's Castle by progressing through a maze of platform screens. Progression through the screens isn't always linear as one room often requires a key which is located a couple of rooms away. The screens have ladders to climb/descend, ropes to grab and descend, gaps to jump, on/off platforms to navigate via timing, rolling log platforms...
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Galaxy Racing ver. 2.0 Freeware3.21 MB
Screenshot of Galaxy RacingThe game 'Galaxy Racing' welcomes you to the world of breathtaking space-ship races and formidable opponents. Various effects, splendid graphics and many fantastic routes will not leave you indifferent. You can choose one of the fastest ships and fly over galaxy. Don't think it's so easy. Increasing number of strong opponents will stand on your way to the finish. The obstacles will take the time, that's limited. Pick up bonuses and life.
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AirHockey 3D ver. 1.82a Shareware2.8 MB
Screenshot of AirHockey 3DThe main task of this game is to score goals. Using your mouse you must hit the puck with the stick in such a way that you score a goal in opposite gates on the field. The winner is that who will score twelve goals. In arcade mode you can collect power-ups, which will help you to win. Also arcade mode allows you to score additional kind of points, which can be stored in a high scores table. You can play AirHockey 3D with friends (multiplayer).
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Tropic Ball ver. 1.0 Shareware14.31 MB
Screenshot of Tropic BallTropic Ball arcanoid like game
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Moloch Terminator ver. 2.0 Freeware7.31 MB
Screenshot of Moloch TerminatorIn Moloch Terminator game you'll have to fight for the national security. A former general is going mad and takes by storm several air-bases. By his order crammed with arms combat aircrafts and helos ago aloft heading off for principal governmental objects. Your character is one of brave pilots from the last air-base survived. Your mission is to save the nation and stay alive. Good luck, brave hero!
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