Earthworm Jim ver. 1.0 Freeware2.38 MB
Screenshot of Earthworm JimIn this wacky platformer, you play as Jim as he tries to rid the world of evil, including a diabolical character known as Psy-Crow, who wants Jim's suit for his own needs. You'll lead Jim through 12 nutty levels, including New Junk City, What the Heck?, Down the Tubes, Snot a Problem, Level 5, For Pete's Sake, Buttville, and Andy Asteroids, as you run, jump, and fight your way to victory.
More InfoFREE Download
Santas Rebels ver. 1.23 Shareware2.1 MB
Screenshot of Santas RebelsSantas Rebels is an action pc game where it is up to you to protect seven mysterious presents. For some unknown reason, someone has started to fire missiles at them. Use your rockets and your skills to make sure that the presents don’t go up in smoke.
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Super Mario Flayer ver. 2.01.exe Freeware11 MB
Screenshot of Super Mario FlayerSUPER MARIO FLAYER! Mario returns to his homeland the clouds kingdom! Now his home is under attack of evil Bowser you should help him and fight against evil minions to save princess. Nice game for younger players and older.
More InfoFREE Download
Super Mario Maniac ver. 2.01.exe Freeware7.71 MB
Screenshot of Super Mario ManiacMario Maniac is a short colorful game created in few days. This game isn't difficult, it's dedicated for children. Just collecting coins, smashing evil slaves of bowser and winning.
More InfoFREE Download
Super Mario Castle Buster ver. 2.01.exe Freeware7.71 MB
Screenshot of Super Mario Castle BusterMario struck in bowser's castle. You must find out how to help him. Accomplish many difficult evil castles created by evil Bowser, show him who is the best. Colorful levels filled with enemies and bonuses is awaiting for you.
More InfoFREE Download
Earth Balls ver. 2.2.4 Shareware3.69 MB
Screenshot of Earth BallsAliens are trying to take over Earth and it is your mission to destroy all the bricks they have scattered around with your ball. You captured one of there UFO's and they are mad. They will continually try to defeat you by sending small UFO's towards you. Make sure you avoid them while keeping your Earth Ball travelling at the bricks. 5 different Earth Balls to choose from with 50 fun filled graphically pleasing levels. Super Breakout action!
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
Monster Invaders ver. 1.2.3 Shareware3.15 MB
Screenshot of Monster InvadersMonsters control the universe and it is your mission to defeat them. You control a supersonic specialized UFO Ship to destroy all the monsters to regain peace throughout the galaxy. Defeat all the winged monsters then face off against several Master Monsters. Loads of options with 15 supreme music tracks to keep you entertained. This is Space Invaders action at its finest. A complete package with 50 stunning levels for truly non-stop action!
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
Bubbly Ball Words ver. 1.2.3 Shareware7.51 MB
Screenshot of Bubbly Ball WordsBreakout and a word game all rolled into one! Destroy the bricks arkanoid style with your paddle and ball while making words from the falling letters. Several bonuses like paddle bullets, multi-ball and shields with a random level generator. Never the same game with unlimited game play. Three different difficulties from novice to expert. Paddle and ball color choosers along with backgrounds and music. Exciting, fun, addictive and unique!
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
Ballium ver. 1.01 Shareware1.1 MB
Screenshot of BalliumBallium is a match-3-game where it’s up to you to match the colors, shoot down the balls and clear the board. The game has funny-faced, colorful balls, power balls and bonuses. Ballium can be enjoyed by the whole family since it also has a special child mode and can save multiple player profiles.
More InfoFREE Download
PacSmiley ver. 1.2.3 Shareware3.4 MB
Screenshot of PacSmileyChomp the pumpkins and fruit with this awesome PacMan remake. Extremely addictive and very challenging with 50 levels and 3 difficulties. You control a happy Smiley and must avoid the Enemy Smileys while clearing the mazes full of food! Several unique features like Smiley Boost which gives you a sudden burst of energy and Brick Drop that lets you lay a blocker brick to help you stop those pesky Enemies. Many configurable Options included.
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
River Raider 2 ver. 1.64.2 Demo3.52 MB
Screenshot of River Raider 2River Raider II is not only the next alteration of popular game River Raid but also a game that combines traditional style of River Raid, large amount of innovations in a game play and in special effects. For each mission you can choose F-22 or F-18 planes with unique capabilities. Also you can choose AH-64 Apache helicopter. In the full version you will find 50 highly detailed and worked over missions.
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
PC Snake ver. 1.0 Freeware1.24 MB
Screenshot of PC SnakePC Snake is the classic snake game (normally played on mobile phones) now available for computer. The goal is to collect as much food as you can as your snake becomes bigger. The game features three difficulty levels, and may be freely distributed.
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Monsters Land 3D ver. 1.0 Freeware7.92 MB
Screenshot of Monsters Land 3DYou wished to see on our site of 3D games? This game is made specially for you. Here is an excellent drawing and a lot of different types of monsters and there is a good choose of weapons. You need to participate in competitions, collecting so many glasses as it possible, thus killing different monsters all known methods. You are a gladiator who is passing different arenas and who knows how the course of fight will turn for you.
More InfoFREE Download
Breakout Classic ver. 1.0 Freeware1.27 MB
Screenshot of Breakout ClassicBreakout Classic is the classic breakout game back in the 1980's emulated for the PC. In it, you move the paddle left and right so the ball bounces off it and removes bricks. This is one of the original and most basic games ever made.
More InfoFREE Download
Smiley Pong ver. 1.0 Freeware1.12 MB
Screenshot of Smiley PongSmiley Pong is a very simple free game. The aim is to keep the smiley face bouncing back off your moving brick for the most number of times. The more times you bounce the smiley face off your brick, the faster it becomes.
More InfoFREE Download
Moon Patrol ver. 1.0 Freeware0.82 MB
Screenshot of Moon PatrolMoon Patrol is a classic atari-like game now available on the PC. In it, you'll jump over craters, shoot helicopters and blast away obstacles to raise your score and see how far you can go. This is a freeware version of the game now available for PC.
More InfoFREE Download
Space Fights ver. 3.2 Freeware2.49 MB
Screenshot of Space FightsYour Galaxy is attacked by alien invaders. Your warship was entrusted with an important mission. Infiltrate into the enemy space forces and destroy all command ships that control the military operations. A lot of enemy space fighters and battle planes will stand in your way trying to prevent your state-of-the-art ship from infiltrating into enemy's rear and accomplishing your mission. Fly over a certain battle area at each level.
More InfoFREE Download
Air Agression ver. 3.2 Freeware4.09 MB
Screenshot of Air AgressionTake a role of a commando in the game Air Agression! Your task is to defend a military base situated on the island of MyPlayCity. The base is attacked by the air forces of the enemy. The enemy troops are landed periodically. You are to repulse an attack to protect the base. You have weapons of all kinds at your disposal. You receive ammunition and medicines via air support. Join your counterparts from all over the world and beat your best score!
More InfoFREE Download
Fast Boats ver. 3.2 Freeware3.09 MB
Screenshot of Fast BoatsThe game Fast Boats presents a breathtaking variety of cutter races. Take control of a super-high-speed cutter and finish first. Thirst for speed and danger makes the game more captivating. Take a new route full of obstacles in a limited period of time at each level. The obstacles reduce the speed, skid a cutter or cause a crash. The opponents cutters will stand in your way. Join your counterparts from all over the world!
More InfoFREE Download
Operation Mars ver. 3.2 Freeware2.16 MB
Screenshot of Operation MarsThe belligerent aliens from another Galaxy conquered Mars. Free the planet from the invaders. As a pilot of a space ship, join battle to free the population of the planet. Well-equipped detachments of enemies spaceships stand in your way. Destroy the enemies and free the conquered territories from level to level.
More InfoFREE Download
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