Ten Ton Ninja ver. 1.1 Freeware19.1 MB
Screenshot of Ten Ton NinjaHeavyweight Ninja fun! Fire your grapple line and swing into action in this exciting Freeware game. Featuring 22 tough to beat levels plus a Level Editor so you can design, play & share your own custom levels.
More InfoFREE Download
Battle Boattle ver. 2.6 Shareware1.31 MB
Screenshot of Battle BoattleBattle Boattle 2.6 is one of a kind naval shooter that is absolutely insane. It's Crimsonland gone marine. Crazy boats, mad opponents, wild bonuses and kooky missions. The game is so fast-paced and tough, it's going to drive you nuts. Get ready for seven vessel types, eight bonuses, seventy missions in 6 episodes and three game modes. Play alone or against your friends. No wonder it's the most anticipated naval game of 2003! FREE to try!
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Air Bandits ver. 1.0 Shareware10.01 MB
Screenshot of Air BanditsAir Bandits, Insofta Games' first arcade title, is now available for download. Resembling a nostalgic game of the 80's, Sopwith, the game features a simple yet addictive gameplay in the times of WWII. You can control the plane's direction and use its weaponry with a mouse. Destroy not only enemy targets, but also fuel supplies and explosives. Blow up balloons and pick up bonuses to earn the highest score.
More InfoFREE Download
Chicks Gone Wild ver. 2.0 Freeware23 MB
Screenshot of Chicks Gone WildChicks Gone Wild is a 3D game for kids of all ages (ages 2 to 92). Your Frog loves balloons, and there are balloons scattered all over these winding jungle roads. The more balloons you gather, the more points you get. However, watch out for those Crazy Amazon Chicks. They are stark-raving-mad, and they love to eat frogs. You can either avoid the Chicks or jump on them. Check out all our games at http://www.OTSsoftware.com
More InfoFREE Download
Clonk Rage ver. Shareware98.48 MB
Screenshot of Clonk RageClonk is an entertaining, action-packed game of strategy, tactics, and skill. It can be played by a single player, with up to four players on one computer, or any number of players in local networks or by internet.
More InfoFREE Download
Arkanoid3D.NET ver. Freeware5.02 MB
Screenshot of Arkanoid3D.NETArkanoid3D.NET ist ein lustiges Arkanoid mit Highscoreliste und Leveleditor. Zahlreiche PowerUps, realistisches Ballflug- und Abprallverhalten, hammerharte Sounds und OpenGL-RealTimeLighting machen Laune. Die Pfeiltasten bringen Wind ins Spiel. Das ist wichtig für das schnelle Abräumen der Level, denn jede Sekunde Spielzeit gibt Minuspunkte auf der OnlineHighscoreliste.
More InfoFREE Download
Archmage ver. 1.02 Shareware12.56 MB
Screenshot of ArchmageArchMage is an action game set in a fantasy world where you fight and ride a dragon or a unicorn and destroy hordes of evil monsters to rescue the Lake Shire. In 35 action levels, you will fight against giant Orcs, monstrous insects, huge cyclops, gargoyles, dragons and a host of other diabolical beasts before eventually facing the Demon King himself.
More InfoFREE Download
Archibald's Adventures ver. 1.0 Shareware7.53 MB
Screenshot of Archibald's AdventuresHelp Archie to overcome all of the pitfalls of the Dr. Klumpfus mansion in this funny action puzzle game. Test your skills and wit in more than 100 uncanny levels! Archibald offers gameplay mixed of action and puzzle elements with gradually rising complexity. The player starts as a boy on skateboard, but soon he will roll in robotic vehicle capable of riding on walls and, fly on jet device or remotely control mysterious floating bubble.
More InfoFREE Download
Snacky The Snake ver. 2.0 Freeware1.7 MB
Screenshot of Snacky The SnakeSnacky The Snake is the perfect playground for children imagination. It is extremely attractive to kids, it has fantastic graphics, simple commands and lots of positive confirmation features. Snacky The Snake represents a breakthrough in snake type of games. It is the cutest little game, with no violence what so ever, charged with great visuals for those young big eyes.
More InfoFREE Download
Arcade Sniper ver. 1.0 Freeware23.73 MB
Screenshot of Arcade SniperYou can become the brave X-wing Sniper today! Destroy evil swarms, which will try to anihilate planet Earth. Face pernicious Boss commanding a huge spaceship - Obliterator. Numerous bonuses to gain, affixable guns to your spaceship in option (from rockets to miniguns). Dare this challenge and save the world!
More InfoFREE Download
Dragon Ball Arcade ver. 1.0 Freeware20.63 MB
Screenshot of Dragon Ball Arcadeoung Songo during his journey at the magic cloud comes across the army of Pilaf's robots. Poor young hero has to soldier on against the evil forces, while Piccolo and others are sunbathing on holiday somewhere far, far away. Grab plenty of possible bonuses, improve weaponry to gain as many points as possible. Good luck!
More InfoFREE Download
Pac Insect ver. 1.2 Shareware4 MB
Screenshot of Pac InsectEat leaves, flowers, vegatables and drinks with the insect while avoiding ghosts pacman style. Plenty of features to keep you highly entertained like Insect Boost, Blimp Warp, Crown Invincibility and Power Worms so you can devour the ghosts. A total of 50 unique mazes for you to conquer with 4 difficulty levels, 2 way screen wrapping, full screen or window mode, keyboard or joystick play, changing background colors and vibrant music.
More InfoFREE Download
Space Copters ver. 1.1 Shareware3.24 MB
Screenshot of Space CoptersSomewhere near Saturn you are in control of a supersonic machine and must defeat all of the enemy helicopters in outer space and reclaim the universe. There are never ending hordes of copters coming at you in this side scrolling exciting and challenging action game. Greater fire power obtainable by destroying certain helicopters and out pops the pilot in a balloon that you can capture. Realistic graphics, galactic music and sound for pure fun.
More InfoFREE Download
Cars vs Trucks ver. 1.0 Shareware5.8 MB
Screenshot of Cars vs TrucksGrab tools, bonuses and powerups without getting hit by trucks pacman style. Drive and navigate your fast car through 50 level mazes of pure excitement. A variety of features included like Nitro Boost that puts the pedal to the medal to give you power acceleration, Maze Warp that lets you catch the train to surpass the current level, Invisible Auto that will make you indestructible for 20 seconds, Meters will rack up points plus many more.
More InfoFREE Download
Qualifier ver. 1.5 Freeware2.79 MB
Screenshot of QualifierQualifier is a survival shooter where in order to achieve high score, you have to keep your accuracy as good as possible, kill as much enemies as possible and survive for as long as you can. Why? Because you lose HP when you let the enemies leave the left side of the screen, and when they hit you. And it is not possible to restore hp.
More InfoFREE Download
Dragon Spheres ver. 1.0 Shareware4.94 MB
Screenshot of Dragon SpheresDefeat the family of enemy dragons while breaking through spheres breakout style. Dragons are in control of the universe and it is up to you to beat them through 50 colorful levels by capturing bones, catching bonuses and destroying the leaders. Several powerups will help you like multiball, breakthru ball, sticky paddle and paddle guns. Beware of the powerdowns like cloud storm, tiny ball and crazy ball which will make it even more difficult.
More InfoFREE Download
Tet Walls ver. 1.1 Shareware3.57 MB
Screenshot of Tet WallsA fun and unique Tetris game with 8 puzzle pieces. All the standard ones are included and even some different designed ones. Each level the game will speed up and throw you a large funky piece to make it more difficult. Every so often you will receive a lightning bolt bonus that when engaged will fry all the blocks in its path while moving upwards. Enjoy 10 randomly played smooth music tracks while making those rows of lines. Very addictive.
More InfoFREE Download
FoxPac ver. 1.1 Shareware4.44 MB
Screenshot of FoxPacYou are in control of a fox and must navigate through 50 tough mazes while eating a variety of food all the while avoiding the haunting ghosts that are after you. Swallow the power frogs and then you can destroy those mean ghosts and earn more points. Additional features added like FoxBoost, screen scroll and ghost freeze never seen in the original pacman game. Choose from 3 difficulty modes from easy to hard. Super fun pacman style action.
More InfoFREE Download
Agent Chewer ver. 1.36 Shareware6.8 MB
Screenshot of Agent ChewerAgent Chewer - new addictive action 3D game in PacMan style by ArcadeStudio.com. Use arrows to move in different directions, space to shoot the evil monsters, eat all yellow dots and be aware the levels are time limited - you have only 6 minutes to kill all monsters and eat all dots.
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
Wonderland Breakout ver. 1.1 Shareware13.63 MB
Screenshot of Wonderland BreakoutA breakout extravaganza with totally unique levels, music, graphics and boards. You choose which levels to play in the order you want. Each board consists of its own theme and music. You control a purple spinning paddle top and must bounce the colorful ball into the graphical picture bricks without letting it pass you. Be careful though as killer bees are trying to stop you. Stunning game play takes the arkanoid genre to a new dimension.
More InfoFREE Download
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