Twitch ver. 1.7 Demo6.79 MB
Screenshot of TwitchThis is a 3D shooter. The objective is to capture four globes in four minutes. Overcome obstacles, traps and enemies in each of ten levels. Each level has random elements that alter the game each time that it is played. A level may be played using several methods and it may take several attempts before a level is mastered. Your player is given a semi-automatic rifle at the start of each level. Four other weapon types may be found.
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Defensor ver. 1.1 Freeware3.92 MB
Screenshot of DefensorDefensor is a superior quality, horizontally-scrolling, shoot-them-up game for the PC. Defend the planetoid against alien invasion. Protect the humanoids from abduction and more. Destroy the waves of multiple alien bug types, all with individual characteristics, collect bonuses and power-ups, and prepare to battle the mother alien.
More InfoFREE Download
Walls & Balls ver. 1.12 Shareware0.57 MB
Screenshot of Walls & BallsWalls & Balls is a highly addictive and playable Arkanoid clone for Pocket PC. Great powerups, online scores, 200 levels, smooth framerate, 5 difficulty levels, 3 different control methods. Visit us at http://www.ru0-games.com
More InfoFREE Download
Jumpix ver. 1.4 Shareware3.2 MB
Screenshot of JumpixThe XXII century. Our Earth is in danger. The invaders want to capture it and make their colony. For a long time the Earth was covered with a protective sphere. But the invaders have invented new weapons to destroy the protective sphere. The only chance to protect the Earth is to use a spacefighter of new generation. But who will be a pilot on the board this spacefighter?
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Infilator ver. 2.03 Freeware8 MB
Screenshot of InfilatorGreat Spaceshooter with finest graphics and a high quality mp3 soundtack. The sky is full of enemies, on your journey you will get to kill more than twenty different fighters in ten levels. Need further weapons? No problem at all - You may buy up to ten different weapons from the shop to fight your foes even more deadly. Full english version available.
More InfoFREE Download
Alien War - Web Page Edition ver. 1.4 Freeware0.25 MB
Screenshot of Alien War - Web Page EditionAlien War is an arcade style shoot-em up game. A freeware java game which you may play here or freely add to your own web pages. Full instructions for adding to your own web pages are included.
More InfoFREE Download
Amazing Brickman ver. 1.4 Shareware4.8 MB
Screenshot of Amazing BrickmanAmazing Brickman is a hectic platform puzzler in the classic retro games style. Oldschool graphics brought up to date with fast scrolling gameplay. You are Brickman and must paint all the bricks to complete the level. Watch out for ghosts, roaches, birds and fireballs. Throw brushes or jump to crush enemies. Swing on ropes, climb chains or transport yourself through space via oddly connected elevators. Dozens of levels plus a level editor!
More InfoFREE Download
TInvaders ver. 1.0 Shareware10.5 MB
Screenshot of TInvadersFast action game based on classics like space invaders, galaxians and Xenon, although there is nothing old about this game, HUGE weapons and bombs are at your disposal to help you wipe out loads of aliens in your battle to save the universe. Classic retro fun, with HUGE power ups and great end of section bosses. TInvaders is a real blast! With massive weapons and wave after wave of nasty alien scum for you to show who's boss...
More InfoFREE Download
Balziel and Doug ver. 1.0 Demo5.72 MB
Screenshot of Balziel and DougControl either Balziel or Doug in a classic old school platform game in the style of Jet Set Willy or Fire & Ice. Run, jump, avoid the villains, pick up various fruit and stuff and then head for the exit, it's a classic formula but with one key difference - instead of being fatal, contact with enemies drains your score. With a minimum score required to unlock each level, you'll have to hone your reflexes and time your jumps in order to win!
More InfoFREE Download
Monkeys Odyssey ver. 1.1.0 Demo3.556 MB
Screenshot of Monkeys OdysseyBlast aliens while collecting bananas in this 2D space shooter straight out of a galaxy far far away. Play alone or with a friend and see how far you can get. Submit your scores to a central server and see how you did against the rest of the world. Collect a multitude of power ups to help you on your way. With three different difficulties, fifty levels packed with enemies and a free 50 level expansion pack, Monkeys Odyssey is sure to entertain
More InfoFREE Download
Galactix ver. 1.x Shareware3.04 MB
Screenshot of GalactixPilot your way through the relentless Xidus Fleet in an attempt to save the earth from annihilation. Galactix is a space arcade type game where you pilot your ship to shoot enemy fighters and collect bonus's with your ships mechanical arm.
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DemonStar - Classic ver. 4.03 Shareware3.6 MB
Screenshot of DemonStar - ClassicThe most thrilling vertical scrolling shooter on the market! DemonStar takes shooters to the extreme with Multiplayer/Network capabilities, Force Feedback joystick support, 3-D rendered graphics, explosive sound effects, and a brilliant soundtrack. Do you want fast-paced, reflex-jerking, edge-of-your-seat action? DemonStar is all of these and more! To destroy each boss, you will have to search for the many weapons such as lasers, homing missiles,
More InfoFREE DownloadBuy Now!
Animal Attack ver. 1.0.1 Shareware5 MB
Screenshot of Animal AttackYou are the Chief Guardian of the Asher Castle. You are armed with various kinds of hi-tech firearms: machine gun, flame thrower, sniper rifle. You castle is under constant attack from specially trained battle animals: angry hares, mad kamikazes, nasty moles, bears-thugs. You will also be able to pick up a number of useful bonuses, including bombs, freezers, additional ammo and so on. Do not let your castle perish!!!
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ExZeus ver. 1.01 Shareware49.23 MB
Screenshot of ExZeusEXZEUS is a heavy action 3d shooter in the style of the classic hit Space Harrier from Sega. The Player has a choice of playing three different robots.The Player pursues the traditional goals of defeating enemy ships and saving the world. During the course of the action there will be many explosions, lasers, mega-bomb and special effects.
More InfoFREE Download
Fantasy Tetrix ver. 1.0 Shareware2.5 MB
Screenshot of Fantasy TetrixFantasy Tetrix is an ultra-modern 3D remake of the all-time classic Tetris game. This game will keep you playing for days on end because it comes with mind-boggling special effects, 12 ear-pleasing background tracks in stereo and addictive gameplay. Moreover, there are four different game variations to choose from: Fantasy, Advanced, Professional and Extreme which were specially developed for players of various abilities and preferences.
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TapzMania ver. 1.01 Shareware0.67 MB
Screenshot of TapzManiaTapzMania is a shooter game where you must defend the plants from the hungry bugs. Don't let them aproach the plants otherwise they will die! Old classic PSSST! gone 3D. TapzMania features: # 300 levels (up to 1600 through expansions). # 5 skill levels. # 3 environments (up to 16 through expansions). # Multiplayer mode (via Bluetooth). # Online scoreboard. # Built in tutorial.
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Space Bandits ver. 1.2 Shareware4.08 MB
Screenshot of Space BanditsSpace Bandits is a true retro space shooter featuring stackable weapon upgrades, a 360 degree rotating world, A 2D/3D hybrid engine using real 3D models,a near never ending swarm of enemy ships, asteroids, and mines, and has the gameplay of the classis shooters from years gone by. The shareware version contains the first 7 levels. After registering, you get access to all 24 levels!! A 3D accelerator is required to play.
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Battle Packman 2 Terminator ver. 1.1 Demo1.91 MB
Screenshot of Battle Packman 2 TerminatorBattle Packman 2 Terminator - is madness 3D shooter. You mission is simple - just try to survive. Tons of enemies will try to eat you. Do you want to feel the power of auto cannon? This just what you want. Shoot all attacking enemies and pick up ammunition you see. This shooter have three different games.
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!FrogBall ver. 1.2 Shareware2.36 MB
Screenshot of !FrogBallLatest action! A competition of two frogs for a balloon in a room. You vs your computer. You must try to jump correctly to direct a balloon to the opponent's cactus to score a goal, and to protect your own cactus. The winner scores more goals before the end of a match. The program features are based on mouse controls.
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CCCC '99 ver. 2.5 Freeware1.69 MB
Screenshot of CCCC '99Uli Trimpe, ein brutaler und gemeingefährlicher Raucher, hat den Planeten Boot II überfallen und dort fünf Kolonien der Konföderation besetzt. Commander Combo hat nun die Aufgabe, sie gewaltsam zu befreien, bevor Trimpe vorzeitig das Jahrtausend feiern läßt. Dazu müssen 50 herausfordernde Plattformlevel bewältigt werden, indem Gegenstände gesammelt, Fallen umgangen und einige Spinner bekämpft werden. Natürlich gibt es eine Paßwortfunktion.
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